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Successful Affiliate Marketing

Gone were the days when we had two or three affiliate programs. Today, we have hundreds if not thousands of these affiliate programs online and all claiming to be the best or offering the best payouts.

Most of these programs will try to convince and give you the impression that you can earn more with them and all you need to do is copy and paste their “ready to go” text ad links or simply use their high converting banners and wait for the cash to roll in. Although this could be the case with large sites, it may not work with the smaller sites.

Choosing what banners to use
Most of the affiliate programs offer you a variety of banners to choose from. This can be of different sizes and different colours. When choosing a banner you need to keep in mind in mind few things like where you are going to use the banner on, the size of the banner and if possible, its effectiveness – that is if the banner appeals to you then there is a high chance it will appeal to many other people.
You should also keep in mind the theme of your website because you do not want to add a red banner on a website that has blue theme or colour. Nowadays people tend to stay away from banners that scream “Click Me” because they are completely different from anything on the website. Sure, this could be highly debatable but before you decide on which side to be on, ask yourself; would you click on a screaming banner.

Pop ups and Pop unders
Most affiliate sites will provide their affiliate with the chance to use pop unders and pop unders and while most people would argue pop ups and pop unders convert better, but I sincerely believe this is not the way to go when it comes to affiliate marketing as this pop unders can be very annoying and would normally get closed before they even have a chance to load completely.

Text link ads
Text link ads is one of the oldest means of advertising and surprisingly still preferred by many because they are easy to implement, can be implemented on any page layout or size and they do not consume too much of your bandwidth while loading unlike banner images.
Good text link Ads should offer information as to why the visitor should click on the text ad for more information. After all, advertising is all about inform, educate, persuade.

Email advertising
This is the directly marketing a message or product to a group of people using email. This remains the most effective way of marketing your affiliate products. This has taken the affiliate world by storm and we read every day that money is in the list which is a medium of email marketing.

If you plan to use email to promote your products, you should always stand behind what you sell and always have a good system for answering questions. Do not send unnecessary emails to your contacts because the emails might end up in spam folders.

Please note whichever way you decide to promote your products, it will take time for you to actually realize the fruits of your advertising and therefore patience and never give up attitude is very important.

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